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5 Reasons Why You Should Book Your Next Trip with a Travel Consultant

Posted on 09/03/2019

It's tempting to book vacations online. The internet returns millions of travel options at our fingertips and comparison shopping online often yields low prices.

Let’s bust a few travel agency myths and take a look at the advantages of working with an experienced travel professional.

They can save you money

Travel agents have access to rates the internet will not offer you. After learning your needs, preferences, and budget, a travel agent can sort through multitudes of travel choices, research competitive travel deals, and sometimes find last-minute travel opportunities not available online. They can also help decipher the small print, such as cancellation rules and restrictions.

They swoop in to help when the unexpected happens

A good travel agent is your best advocate (maybe even reaching superhero status in some cases) when travel plans go awry.

No matter how much you prepare for a big trip, the unexpected can happen. When you book with a travel agent, they are with you every step of the way as a personal advocate. If you run into snags, your travel agent can make calls and work to fix the situation so you don’t have to waste valuable vacation time problem solving.

Bonus Tip: Invest in travel insurance and pay for all travel with a credit card. Major credit cards offer some protection when there are travel problems. If a travel agency does not accept payment by credit card, look elsewhere.

You can’t VIP yourself

Experienced travel agents often add value with savvy travel advice, amenities and….upgrades. Booking a trip online may yield a low initial price, but travel agents have built-in relationships with hotel chains or cruise lines, which can result in built-in perks automatically included in your overall rate. Perks can include everything from free breakfast or resort credit to possible room upgrades (and more!). In the long run, these added benefits can save travelers money. (And who doesn’t love VIP treatment?)

Travel Agents Have Priceless Advice

Travel agents have been there and done that, and their first-hand knowledge can benefit you as you plan your next vacation. Not only can they offer insight on worldwide and domestic destinations, but they have valuable advice on the best accommodations, restaurants, shopping, kids clubs, excursions, and more.

Human Interaction (without the Cookies!)

Did you know if you google cities, airfare, or hotel costs, companies put cookies into your computer that will result in higher prices as you continue to search for travel? Sneaky, but true.

Go ahead and continue that online research, geek out on exploring your trip options, but ultimately loop a travel agent in on the planning. Not only will they offer expertise and suggestions, but they’ll tell you about their personal experiences, brainstorm trip options, and get excited with you about your upcoming travel plans.

All that, without the digital cookies.

Itching to research and book your next vacation? Let's talk.

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